We repeat, no threat from iPhone to the BlackBerry


I’m glad everyone else is finally cluing in here. Sure, we got a little excited about Apple’s newest export, but that died the next day along with any fears of it taking down the BlackBerry. Finally, the doubters have reason to believe us as Forbes has run a piece that highlights RBC analyst Mike Abramsky and his firm belief that the iPhone is in no way a threat to our favoured device.

“While we continue to expect competitive launches,” Abramsky said, “particularly Apple’s iPhone, to pressure RIM’s valuation, RIM’s stronger than expected momentum may help mitigate this impact, reassuring investors its threat to RIM’s consumer push may be less than feared.”

Abramsky had based his last rating on a rich stock price and risk of competition. But the analyst said his industry contacts suggest that there is pent-up demand for the handheld devices RIM has partnered with Qualcomm to make.

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