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Unfortunately, your jog dial’s made a lot more rotations than your treadmill, and the only rep you do is check your email. Busy schedules, constant stress, and sheer laziness are all to blame for the nice pouch society seems to be sporting, and we’re not talking about a 7520 accessory. The struggle to stay fit and keep on top of nutrition is one that seems to continuously allude the business world. Thankfully the kind folks over at Ascendo have put together a nice little 150kb gem called Ascendo Fitness. Now you’re able to log your calorie intake, check nutrition information, log your daily exercise and loads more.

As mentioned, the Ascendo Fitness is a mere 150kb and installation of a trial version can be done OTA from a link on Ascendo’s FAQ page. The program does not connect to the net in anyway, so WAP users need not to worry if the program will work for them.


Nutrition - Now while you’re entertaining the clientele, you can check nutritional information on the menu items by searching through a database that includes 95% of the most common foods and beverages. Not only are the everyday meals accounted for, but fast food from McDonalds, Burger King, and more also make an appearance, as do popular brands like Kraft, Campbell’s, and Kellogg’s. Every item in the database notes the amount of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. Another nice feature is the ability to add your grandmother’s famous dessert or any other item that you can’t track down in the database.

Activities - Walk to work in the morning? Missed the bus and had to run alongside till the next stop? Played a rousing game of squash against Jim from finance? Search and record all physical activities to stay on top of your lean and mean (at least getting there) bod. As with the nutrition feature, you can add your own activities as well.

Journal - General notepad for tracking your weight and minor notations. That’s that.

User Settings – This is the area where you enter your stats: height, weight, resting heart rate, sex, and age. With this information at hand, Ascendo automatically calculates your ideal weight & healthy weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), maximum heart rate, and basal metabolism ratio. BMI isn’t an exact science because it doesn’t factor in muscle mass or bone density, but it could be used as a decent gauge.

Goals – This is where you can set your goals and see if you match it. It could be used to set your ideal daily calorie intake or burned. When you set a goal you’ll see it physically represented in your Progress Charts.


I say this with utmost sincerity: add “sex” to the physical activity database. It can be a pretty intense affair, and perhaps with the ability to choose a level of physical effort, it would be a perfect addition to this great little program. Also, the addition of a “tips” section would be good, perhaps loading a different one upon start-up of the program (with the ability to turn the feature on and off, obviously), as it could introduce new methods of exercise or nutrition to the user.


We dig it. The program makes for a perfect addition to your BlackBerry, and always seeing it on the menu screen could be a constant reminder of what you are or are not doing in terms of your physical health. Ascendo Fitness as a whole is a great program, but determination and focus on the user’s part are the only way it truly works. Keep us on top of your progress - I smell a contest.


Comprehensive set of Databases and Tools

Record Daily Entries and Track your Progress

Personalize Settings and Calculate Fitness Ratios

2 Responses to “Ascendo Fitness reviewed”

  1. 1 Krad

    I am not sure about the product but i love the first picture of the lady. :-)

    My wife would love an application like this.

  2. 2 rome

    I think this would be one of the best app for blackberry i could think of i mean as long as your will in to find a work out plan and a diet go to the gym this would be the finale key to complete success i mean listen to mp3 on curve while your on your treadmill than when your done running just pause type it in and hit play than your right back into your workout and if your not felling results switch your diet and keep tracking to see if you are improving on the same thing when it comes to your workout regiment try different training cycles see what works for you thats what fitness training and body building is about learn what works for you and this could easily be one of the best ideas i have seen i mean i carry my daily diet chart with me my note book to record my work out and at the end of the day i have to look up all the food intake i can get of the box/wrappers online and it takes for ever this way all the info is built in make it easier to manage your fitness and diet regiment this just seems to good to be true i mean i have my bb curve on me all the time any way why not use it to my advantage and leave the diet tracker and note book at home

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