Former Palm Linux OS now out

We told you way back in August of last year that Palm’s messy divorce with PalmSource Access had only slowed but not killed the company’s Access Linux Platform (ALP) from seeing the light of day. The slap-happy super nerds over at Engadget are reporting that ALP has been let loose at 3GSM, introduce version 1.0 of its Product Development Kit and a pre-release version of the equally important Software Development Kit.

Early reports say that the OS is looking pretty polished, and that both Marvell and Texas Instruments are using it to demo high performance and low power consumption devices. Unfortunately, while ALP plays Bejeweled, no one has ported DOOM over to it yet. We’ll keep you informed.

(image via Engadget)

2 Responses to “Former Palm Linux OS now out”

  1. 1 L. M. Lloyd

    It is a shame there won’t be any Palm devices using this. After all that time, and all those Palm fans looking forward to this, it really seems like a kick in the teeth that it is finally out, and not for Palms.

    Hell, I would even give Palms another look if they came out with a real multi-tasking, stable OS.

  2. 2 CB, Sr

    Palm is dead. The only one that does not know it is Palm, Inc.

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