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Third-Party Software and Solutions: Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

Feb 26, 2007: 

A little more than a decade ago, when the modern WWW-net was being born, I was trying to figure out how to get myself “connected” to this newfound promise land through Prodigy or America Online. Being from a fairly rural area, it almost seemed like a situation that, without long distance fees and horrible […]

Mike Lazaridis interviewed by Laptop Magazine

Feb 26, 2007: 

Thanks to Robb for shoving this article under my door. Is it just me, or are the two highest RIM execs getting a little cocky as of late? First, we’ve got Balsillie saying that the BlackBerry will be the go-to when it comes to getting music onto a communications device, and now in […]

Rogers BlackBerry 8800 coming March 7

Feb 26, 2007: 

Thanks to a couple of anonymous emails, we can finally break out the red pen and circle a solid day on our calendars. The BlackBerry 8800 will make it’s debut at Rogers authorized dealers on March 7 (hey, the rumours were spot on). I made the trek to a local dealer yesterday in […]

Top 5 reasons why BlackBerry is King

Feb 23, 2007: 

You better believe we’ll capitalize the “K” up there. A pretty solid piece from Information Week has just been churned out listing the top 5 reasons that the BlackBerry is STILL king of mobile e-mail (was there ever any doubt)? Columnist Stephen Wellman runs through is reasoning with notes like “carriers like the […]

Dilbert’s CrackBerry addiction

Feb 23, 2007: 

In the spirit of the week where email/BlackBerry addiction seems to be the big deal, I present you with this Dilbert classic. Stay tuned for the Weekly Contest announcement.

CNet reviews the BlackBerry 8800

Feb 23, 2007: 

There’s a few folks that people who’s opinions the public seek out more when new devices drop. We’ve got good ol’ Walt Mossberg over at the Wall Street Journal, NY Times Editor David Pogue, and the CNet team always seems to do a decent job of giving handhelds a once over. And CNet […]

Lock on Stocks vol. 2

Feb 23, 2007: 

Hello ladies and gents, boys and girls, CrackBerry addicts of all ages. Welcome to another addition of Lock on Stocks. In this weeks edition, we’ll go much more in depth with coverage on RIM, Apple, Palm and Motorola. I’d love to say we could include Microsoft on our list but they seem […]

“Keep Daddy out of office”

Feb 23, 2007: 

File this one under “slightly creepy”. While doing the daily duty of trolling YouTube for mentos and diet coke videos BlackBerry-related content, I came across this spot for Hutch’s release of the BlackBerry Pearl in India. The ad features a near-spine chilling narration that’s probably supposed to seem cuter by a child who […]

2.OH NO!: Why should we do without?

Feb 22, 2007: 

Before the trend of slapping “Beta” at the end of your product’s title to entice onlookers and the like, corporations seemed to tag “2.0″ on the end to show advancement and improvement. But this new column is going to be a commentary on exactly how well this supposed “advanced” and “improved” 2.0 society is […]