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Weekly Contest: the BlackBerry gets social


First, let’s thank the guys at Gizmodo for this shot. She looks better with the BlackBerry than I did. We’ve been seeing the ‘Berry Mascot out and about more often, just like the device from which he was birthed. We’re not talking about the costume-making machine. What we’re saying is, BlackBerrys are becoming more of a social device.

Being used to settle bets, checking movie times, and other things are slowly becoming regular tasks on the BlackBerry. But there are app’s that will help you out in social settings, too. So this week we’re asking you: What is your favourite BlackBerry application to use for social purposes? Don’t limit it to IM apps, there’s more to life than instant messaging. This week’s winner will receive a copy of Ascendo’s DataVault. Now THAT’s pretty awesome.

And speaking of awesome…

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Sprint’s Treo 755p makes an appearance


Cute. That’s how I’d describe it. But in that awkward like, ugly baby kind of cute, you know? One of Engadget’s readers was able to grab a shot of the new Treo 755p out in the wild, and did a nice scientific size comparison beside a pen. It’s rocking the Garnet OS, has a couple less launch keys on the side of the device, and a lackluster 1.3 mp camera. It’ll be on it’s way in the next couple of months, enough time for other manufacturers to obliterate Palm’s design aesthetic that’s stayed the same for years and years.

BlackBerry 8800g available from T-Mobile UK


Just a quick heads up to our lovely UK readers that we never seem to pay that much attention to - and for that, I am sorry. You can come over for tea whenever you want. T-Mobile UK has unleashed the BlackBerry 8800 on their website, listing it from “FREE” (oh boy) to £159.99. All the specs are the same, nothing new.

But like I said, just a quick heads up.

Got some free time? Read a free magazine


It just makes sense, folks. Free time should just be that - no purchase necessary. That’s part of the reason we teamed up to offer free magazine subscriptions and white paper documents, so your free time requires no postage paid, no payment to be made, nothing. I recommend eWeek and RCRWireless, both solid reads. Head to for more information.

Lock on Stocks vol. 6


Welcome to another edition of the Lock on Stocks. This week we’ll go over how RIM, Palm, Nokia, Microsoft and Apple did. It was a very slow week all over the market. Lots of fluctuation however made it a bad week thus far as well.

Let us start things off this week with RIM. The BlackBerry makers are now offering games, as well as other consumer based products. Wall Street loves games, so much in fact that the price per share jumped almost $1 to $139.

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EBooks and the BlackBerry


Thanks to and their recent post about new ebooks for the BlackBerry for inspiring this. I’ve got a question for you, readers. How many of you have a) downloaded an ebook for your device and/or b) actually READ an ebook on your device?

I’ve never tried it, but I can tell you that, especially while I’m on the road away from my inbox, I find just reading copious amounts of email to become tedious and a little hard on the eyes. I don’t know if I could handle an entire book.

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