Argentinian BlackBerry ad campaign


I wish I could translate these for you, but all I’ve got is a traveler’s guide to Spanish, and I’m pretty sure no one asks where the bathroom is in these two spots. As much as I slight RIM and the BlackBerry for their advertising efforts, it looks like they’ve got their tracks covered across the rest of the world. Last week, it was Hutch in India promoting the ‘Berry. This week, we’ve got Argentian carrier Personel. Here’s one of the spots, check out the other after the jump.

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  1. 1 Guillermo

    OK, for those interested on the ads above…

    In the first one the guy stacked in the elevator is Julio Boca, a very famous argentinian ballet dancer. The ad goes around all Julio can do with his Pearl while stacked in an elevator in Shanghai: make a phone call, showing the chinese guy the photos, sending an email to advice on the accident, play some music to practice his dance, etc., etc… you know. The guys at the surveillance camera say: “Isn’t that Julio Bocca?” and the other replies “How can I know.! This western guys look all alike!” The final words are something like “Personal is your world. Personal BlackBerry Pearl… your way of taking it everywhere”

    In the second one we can see Valeria Mazza, a famous fashion model from Argentina. In this add Valeria gets lost somewhere in India or somewhere like that and uses her Pearl to tell everyone what is going around her from her particular “fashion” point of view.

    Well… I hope this is useful and sorry for my not that good English! I hope you get the idea at least!!

    You can cehck Julio Bocca at and Valeria Mazza at


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