Spot for BlackBerry gets some updates


Always nice to get some updates on companies that we’ve featured here before on BlackBerry Cool. Less than a month ago, Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. out of Hong Kong released an update to their GPS and mapping software for the 8800, and now they’re going bigger with an update to their entire system with version 1.4.1.

New features on the BlackBerry platform:

- File Access Support
The BlackBerry Pearl and 8800 are equipped with the BlackBerry OS 4.2 and therefor offer the ability to gain access to the internal memory card. You can now import waypoint files from your memory card which have the famous formats GPX and LOC ( as well as export the collected waypoints to a GPX file on your memory card.

- Both devices are also able to import static map files so you are able to use maps without having network coverage or without the need to be subscribed to a data plan.

- Backlight Control
You can set up “Spot” to keep your backlight on while using it.

A time limited demo is available from Spot before you shell out top dollar for their services. Just head here for more information on Spot for the BlackBerry by Skylab Mobilesystems.