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Protect your BlackBerry against DST

Sounds like a bad disease. And really, it could be. Just not for you, but that little pal of yours on your hip. We’ve been covering the issues surrounding the advancement of Daylight Savings Time, and we just want to make sure you folks are covered come late Saturday night (or early Sunday, however you want to look at it). If you’ve yet to do so, grab the DST patch for your BlackBerry.

Not sure if it’s been installed on your device yet? It couldn’t be easier to check. Simply hit the “Options” menu from your home screen and if the patch has been applied, “2007 DST Patch” will appear right on top of the list. Enjoy the extra hour, pals.

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One Response to “Protect your BlackBerry against DST”

  1. Matt Spong
    March 9th, 2007 11:29

    I installed this yesterday, and it broke all my recurring appointments - starting next week, all my recurring appointments were an hour ahead (only on the BlackBerry - not on the Exchange server or in Outlook). I had to delete and recreate them all in order for them to be correct.

    What decade is this again? Shouldn’t this stuff be sorted out by now?

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