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What a week for RIM. We’ll be covering all of the big news of the past two weeks in our podcast (and have you checked out our newsletter yet?), but paying attention to the news could have you walking away with a prize this week. RIM’s practices of stock option granting came to a head on Monday when the company noted that there would be a $250 million dollar reduction in numbers originally posted. In turn, co-CEO Jim Balsillie stepped down as Chairman, he and partner Mike Lazaridis are forking out dough to make things better, and the company seems weaker than it ever has (but nothing to be overly worried about).

So it’s with that news in mind that we present you with the questions for this week’s Weekly Contest. How will RIM’s stock snafu affect the company? I’m interested to read responses from our diverse reader base, so please weigh in. You’ve got until next Thursday night at midnight to enter. This week’s winner will walk away with a custom skin for your device put together by yours truly and supplied by SkinIt.ca.

Last week we had a little fun and asked what you thought the next BlackBerry ailment would be to compliment “BlackBerry Thumb” and “CrackBerry” addiction. BBCool reader Rick Power (awesome name, by the way) is walking away with last week’s prize for his answer. Congrats.

I think it will be mental and be named BADD BlackBerry attention deficit disorder or BDD BlackBerry disassociative disorder.

A primary example are board meetings and presentations where blackberry users have spent all their time thumbing and leave the event not having a clue what just went on during that event. BDD

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