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Deal hunters, bargain biters, cheap skates: pay attention. The blogs are hot with news of a deal on the BlackBerry 8800 over at - didn’t it used to be just books over there? Anyway, the savings start with Amazon takes off $375.00 from the $499.99 list price when you activate a new plan. And then they’ve been kind enough to chuck on an additional instant rebate of $25.00 that brings you down to a solid $100 purchase. What’s the saying? You’d be crazy not to take this deal? Let’s apply it here, I guess.

  • Michael
    I'm not a big fan of mail-in rebates. Either I always forget about it after I mail it or they just never show-up in the mail.

    I took my chance on this great deal from amazon so hopefully I get my rebate. :)

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    25% off coupon code: lto
  • J. Hsu
    Just a note of clarification, the additional 25$ rebate is a mail in rebate, but still a great deal (my 8800 is arriving from amazon tomorrow)
  • Kevin
    I got a Pearl from Amazon last week for -$75, after rebates. Amazing.
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