Vulnerability found in BlackBerry devices

Don’t freak out just yet, you might be safe. But news is slowly spreading of a “low-risk vulnerability” in some BlackBerry devices, specifically the Pearl and any device running v. 4.2 or earlier. Discovered by an IT security consultant named Michael Kemp, this “vulnerability” occurs when the user tries to access a URL on their mobile browser that’s excessively long - and it often times cannot connect. That’s when the hackers come out to play.

A hacker could exploit this to cause a Denial of Service (DoS) attack when a specially crafted URL is clicked on, causing the affected device to become extremely slow or stop responding altogether. To protect yourself from this vulnerability, you need to install BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 Service Pack 1 (4.2.1).

BlackBerry has provided the following workarounds in the event that your browser or device stops responding.

* Press the Alt and Escape keys simultaneously to switch to another application on the BlackBerry device.

* Perform a hard reset of the BlackBerry device.

* Wait for the BlackBerry device or the BlackBerry Browser to respond. This occurs after a period of time relative to the size of the link that exploited the vulnerability.

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