Handmark unleashes Hollywood.com Mobile on the BlackBerry


Maybe that verb’s a little strong for this little news story - I’m just trying to liven it up, is all. Anyway, our pals over at Handmark have brought Hollywood.com to your BlackBerry. How nice of them. This service let’s you sort through various movie titles, get the inside scoop on Hollywood, find out DVD listings, and more. Seems like an alright service. You can find out more information about Hollywood.com Mobile here.

“Handmark has established itself as a leader in mobile applications and services and offers an ideal platform for Hollywood.com Mobile,” said Steven Marder, Hollywood.com’s vice president. “Hollywood.com Mobile takes mobile entertainment to a new level and provides information-craving and entertainment-savvy customers with immediate access to the most comprehensive Hollywood resource wherever they are.”

“Hollywood.com Mobile is the ultimate companion for movie lovers,” said Douglas Edwards, Handmark chief marketing officer. “Whether you’re interested in the best movie playing at a local cineplex, need help deciding what to rent at the video store, or just want the latest on your favorite celebrity star, Hollywood.com Mobile has you covered.”

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