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Two-Toned Pearl gets launched by SunCom

Alright, guys. Seriously. Are we done with the colour changes yet? This one’s not as drastic as the red ridiculousness, but whatever. RIM’s announced that they, along with SunCom Wireless, a wireless communications provider in the Southeastern United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are sending off a two-toned Pearl into the wild.

Not sure why SunCom’s getting this kind of treatment, but hey, if the black, white, red - am I missing one? - didn’t interest you, here’s (hopefully) the final Pearl incarnate.

SunCom Wireless is the first carrier to offer the BlackBerry Pearl with a new two-toned, silver and black finish. This super-slim and stylish handset provides an enticing combination of business and entertainment-related applications that are sure to please the traditional BlackBerry smartphone enthusiast while also appealing to new customers who want to replace their older phone with a handset that will support multimedia and keep them connected with friends and family.

“SunCom Wireless is proud to bring the BlackBerry Pearl to our customers,” said Larry Britt, vice president of marketing at SunCom Wireless. “Whether you want to stay up-to-date with work or personal e-mail, take photos, watch video, manage your kids’ soccer schedules or surf the Internet, this outstanding smartphone does it all. It bridges the gap between professional and personal life and appeals to customers looking for a mobile solution for their workday and beyond.”

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