Exclusive: Boy Genius interviewed - round 3

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It’s always pretty interesting when our pal Boy Genius stops in for a sit-down. In this installment, we hear the famed leakers opinions on the BlackBerry 8300, get a few new details about it as well as some release news for other devices, and we hear BG’s thoughts on the impending Palm buyout. Click the jump for the full interview.

Thanks for coming back for a third round. We’ll play the roll of suck-up first and congratulate you on the new look of the Boy Genius Report - what brought that on?

Thank you. The site was nice before, but I felt a new look was in order to reflect the type of site we are. At first it was very… personal, almost. It was a nice little site. As we’ve grown, and our readers have grown with us, new writers have came onboard, and I felt like we should reflect what we’re about now.

That’s a pretty good call, it looks solid thus far. But we should talk about your most popular content from the past few weeks - the 8300. What were your initial thoughts on the device when the images first leaked?

Honestly, because I”ve been working on that one for a while now.

Apart from the envy, though.

It’s nice to see people showing the world what they have - kind of like, “Hey, I’ll show you my cards, just show me yours.” I had pictures of it before, so it wasn’t a surprise.

Why didn’t you show them?

Well, I’m here to build a great site, in doing so you’re nothing without your sources, friends, tipsters. I have a lot right now, but if one of my guys says this is only for you, you can’t post this, then I won’t. Long term relationships are what I’m about, and I feel that’s the way to really do something.

What about the folks that attack you and your leaks?

Well, sure but I think its easier to attack me than a 600lb gorilla. I’m me - BG. People know Boy Genius Report is the Boy Genius. Engadget is a huge site - so who are you going to attack there?

Ryan Block?

Never, Ryan is a great dude, plus they are just posting just like I am. But it’s easier for people to channel their emotions to a person rather than a huge site with a ton of writers. At the end of the day, I do what I do, people can not agree with what I do, or not visit the site, but I can show you the server stats and most people love the site. We get great comments from our readers.

We know they do. We’re obviously fans. So now that you’ve had the device for a couple of weeks, what do you think about it? Still in love?

Honestly, let me take you back to the Pearl - first one ever to leak a picture, first one to have the device online, etc. - and I was in love. BUT, it wore off pretty quickly, I remembered how much I hated suretype, and the speaker was low, and vibrate was low, etc. The 8300 hasn’t worn off on me. It really is the best blackberry device yet to me: keyboard, build quality, has a camera.

  • AC
    " will we ever find out the true identity of the BG?"

    Not to sound whatever, but I know who BG is. Not personally, but we've talked before in his "career" before he took this avenue into his current career.
  • Krad
    why is he an ass?

    What is it that he is doing that is causing anyone any harm? if anything he is making hype in an almost non-existent platform.

    I wish i had the contacts he has in the biz.

    I give props to Motorola for having a preview section on their site for what they are planning to come out.
  • Kevin
    Excellent point about the AIM client - IMO, they've really dropped the ball on that one!
  • I better don't tell
    If Boy Genius is a RIM employee he should have been fired a long time ago.... Or should I say BG was hired by RIM to make us think he has great info?

    One way or another, he's an ass...
  • Krad

    I for one would never leak info or pics due to nda agreements, but bgr has awesome quality pictures, reviews and is the source for unreleased goodies. Keep it up!
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