From the couch to the office: the gamer’s evolution

I wish I had some ominous music for this post, that title begs for it. Digressions aside, a recent article from BusinessWeek makes note that gaming is slowly moving away from the couch and into the office (where I wish it belonged). They’re talking moreso about games hitting mobile devices, specifically the BlackBerry and how it’s built-in BrickBreaker app has lead to a phenomenon in the mobile gaming space and how the demographics for gaming seem to be sliding toward the older side of things.

…Another game maker and vendor hoping to capitalize on the new demand is Magmic Games, which has developed an online storefront called BPlay dedicated to BlackBerry games, themes, and ringtones. BPlay Vice-President Nicholas Reichenbach says the site’s demographic is about 90% male and mostly between the ages of 25 and 40.

The market for BlackBerry gamers is currently about 650,000 strong, according to Reichenbach, and the number of games sold on BPlay last year was “in the millions.”

Guibert declined to speculate that future BlackBerry design and technology might take gaming into greater consideration, but the game makers like the improvements they’ve seen so far. The new BlackBerry 8800 and Pearl models feature higher-resolution screens and a trackball, which create a better gaming experience (see, 3/5/07, “A Sweeter BlackBerry”).

“The screens have gone from being abysmal to fabulous. Now their screen technology is as good or better than anybody else’s,” says Handmark’s Edwards.

So, gaming on the BlackBerry, eh? I’ve got a bunch of titles that I’ve got lined up to review for BBCool, but I’m wondering what titles you folks think are tops. I don’t want to become a full-on BrickBreaker addict by any means, but I’ve got to have something decent to play while my girlfriend shops. Suggestions?

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