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Does anyone else remember the good ol’ days of video games? I’m talking Duck Hunt. I’m talking Super Contra. I’m talking Ecco the Dolphin. Ok, not so much Ecco, but I think you know where my head’s at. With gaming on the BlackBerry becoming more and more popular, and some of the titles being incarnations of older titles, it lends some hope that these classics might just see the light of day again.

So, take a break from BrickBreaker and answer this week’s Weekly Contest question: What game from your past would you like to have on your BlackBerry and why? None of this Gears of War or Guitar Hero nonsense - please. We’re talking 8-bit goodness like ExciteBike and Clu Clu Land. This week’s best responder will walk away with the current Top 5 titles from BPlay that includes both Monopoly Tycoon and the incredibly addictive Bookworm. Good luck.

  • K
    Chrono Trigger
  • noe
  • Angela
    I would have to say astroids was my favorite game as a kid.
  • Alex D.
    hmm..so many to choose from!

    My favorite arcade game of all time would have to be the original Star Wars the arcade game in all it's vector graphics glory. Using a trackball on the newer handhelds might make it more feasible now. And the Star Wars 30th anniversary would make this a perfect time to release it :)
  • Navin
    Just got my pearl... still dotn know what games are out there but imho i would love to see a BB version of

    Need for speed
    hangman ( a classic )
    a multipleyer version of marshmallow duel ( if u havent played it..u should try it )
    bejeweled ( the msn game )
    and if possible a game based on cricket like brian lara or sumthing
  • Aaron

    I'm calling BS on your Level 42.

    Simply because it only goes to level 39:
    My highest score is 9998.

    *shakes his fist*
  • CarterJ
    What an awsome question. Since the prize is the Top 5 on BPlay, i"ll give my top 5 games..

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (old school, getting shell shocked CLASSIC)

    Master Blaster (most underrated NES game EVER)

    Bull V. Blazers (Tim Hardaway's UTEP 2 Step was killer)

    Tecmo Bowl (nough said)

    Castlevania (the first game I ever beat)
  • joe deiuliis
    i think that one of the most fun games would be oregon trail. the nostalgia factor would be huge and i think shooting buffalo with the trackball would be so much fun. too bad you can only carry back 200 lbs! lazy banker.... i hope he gets typhoid or cholera.
  • Phil
    I would love if if Golden Tee could be on my 8100...
  • Jordan
    pitfall, pitfall, and pitfall.
  • Tim Nicholson
    One of my favorite games that I'd like to see that would be perfect for the Pearl (and 8800) track ball is Centipede.
  • devans
    Space Invaders
    Double Dragon
    California Games
  • Boohlaka
    That last one should be metroid
  • Boohlaka
    I would have to have say:
    Final Fantasy 1-3
    Zelda 1-2
    Super Mario Bro 1 & 3
    Contra ( Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A start)
    & Mertoid
  • Patrick W.
    Paper boy, Spy Hunter
  • Biscuit
    R.C. Pro Am or Track and Field II
  • Doug Popplewell
    I have a pearl and think the 720 degree skateboard game would be cool with the trackball.
  • b.N
    the game that broke the mold and still influences video games to this very day: Metal Gear.

    lets give a round of applause for Snake!
  • Rhonda Wallace
    centipede. I loved it!
  • b00st3d
  • Marco
    1943 (the airplanes game) :)
  • Patrick
    Tecmo Bowl, hands down. That way, Video Bo Jackson could be the greatest video game and cell phone player ever.
  • Greg
    +1 something like Legend of Zelda or Dragon Warrior... or to bring it up to date, Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Krad
    aaron... totally digging that link to that castle game... got to level 42.
  • Aaron
    I have to agree with Krad for the following games:

    Chip's Challenge

    I'll also like to play a pool game. A memory card flipping over game. A RPG game like Final Fantasy Tactics or Shining Force.

    And, finally, I'd like to play Tower Defence game:
  • Mikey
    River Raid
    Marble Madness
  • Jason
    Super Off Road
  • Nick
  • Paulbblc
    Ice Hockey and Punch Out. Enough said.
  • Krad
    Magmic makes fantastic games, they are very well made and designed, however they kinda get old real quick. I am not knocking magmic, it is just a limitation of what can be done mobile.

    The games that should be redone...or reincarnated imho are...

    JEZZBALL!!! - W95
    Chips Challenge - W95
    Legend of Zelda - NES
    Excite Bike- Original Gameboy.
    Little Nemo- NES
    Double Dragon - NES
    Jungle, Urban, Desert Strike- NES,Genesis,SNES
    RC - Pro AM - NES, Gameboy, SNES

    If it is possible, a game should mimic an awesome pc game called "ignition" If we can get a birds eye view of car racing with different terrains, cliffs, pits... and have a boost function I would play the bb all day.

    These games should have a save feature where you can pick up where you left off. Some games should take advantage of the new trackball for controls.

    I would love to see a labyrinth type game where all you need is the trackball.
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