Emoze beats BlackBerry again, nobody cares

And we use the term “beats” extremely lightly here, folks. We hadn’t talked about emoze in a while, and I was happy about that. They originally faced off against BlackBerry in an email showdown at 3GSM in Barcelona, and walked away “victorious” for receiving an email before it’s rival. But it should be noted, that Emoze is nowhere near as sophisticated as BlackBerry, we’ll just let them feel this sense of importance.

Anyway, they had another battle yesterday, this time at CTIA, and this morning, Emoze is rubbing it in with a press release that they “won” again. A “repeat victory”, they say. We don’t believe it, we never will. But nice try, Emoze.

The duel, held yesterday at high noon, pitted two duelers - one equipped with a standard mobile phone, and another with his BlackBerry device, to determine which could send emails quickest and most securely. In front of a crowd of more than 100 convention goers, both “email gunslingers” stood back to back, walked three paces and fired a blank email to a Gmail account that was opened for the live demonstration. A large screen depicting the Gmail in-box revealed emoze as the clear winner.

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Judi Sohn
March 29th, 2007 at 10:41 am

I tried emoze on my old Cingular 8125 (Windows Mobile 5) and I now have a Blackberry 8800. So I’m qualified to make real-world comparisons.

Do I care that emoze gets me an email a minute or two faster? No.

I care that I can get email whether Outlook is open or not. I care that getting email on my device doesn’t take any resources from my PC. I care that fetching email doesn’t make the battery in my device drain in under 5 hours of standby time.

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