Danish Pearl available thanks to TDC and RIM


Mmm. Danish Pearl. RIM put their Risk piece on Nigeria yesterday, and today, they’re headed to Denmark to partner with Danish carrier TDC and release the BlackBerry Pearl. The only thing that I really know about Denmark is that the exact origin of Denmark has been lost in history - how weird. But there’ll be no forgetting this day in history when the Pearl get it’s launch, right?

…That was cheesy, I’m sorry.

“Danish companies are really seeing the advantages of the BlackBerry platform, which is the leading wireless solution for mobile professionals who want to stay in touch and be productive while on the go. We are very happy to introduce the BlackBerry Pearl, which makes users’ working lives even easier to manage,” said Peter Ibsen, Vice-President for TDC Mobil.

“The BlackBerry Pearl elegantly combines a small, stylish and full-featured smartphone with the most advanced mobile technology available to help mobile professionals make the most of their time,” said Charmaine Eggberry, Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA at RIM. “We are delighted to continue our well-established relationship with TDC to introduce the market-leading BlackBerry Pearl to Denmark.”

4 Responses to “Danish Pearl available thanks to TDC and RIM”

  1. 1 Thorben Larsen

    I’m moving back to Denmark the 14 of Sept.
    at my staying here in the US i bought me a blackberry Pearl.
    my question is: is it possible to get danish software to my BB ?
    the language on the cell phone is of course American now, but since i’m moving back i would like to install danish on it. Can you help me


  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    Hi Thorben,

    I’ve actually got some family in Denmark… Visited in Brande last Spring, it was great. As for language support, whichever Danish carrier you decide to go with should have language software available.

  3. 3 Tori

    The back berry is cool but th e batery sucks

  4. 4 Tori

    I mean the black Berry is okey but the razor and the slide phone is so much better. the battery sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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