Lazaridis at CTIA: BlackBerry is a “Platform”


I’m really starting to like it when “The Laz” steps up to the podium. Usually, he kind of hides behind the more ballsy Balsillie, but lately, he’s been peeking his grey noggin out more and more. This time, Mike was the replacement for Motorola’s VP for a keynote speech at CTIA.

Looks like the new buzz word at RIM is “platform”, and Lazaridis used the CTIA opportunity to promote the BlackBerry as one.

Lazaridis concluded by saying that since RIM designed mobile push e-mail the right way, it’s now a foundation and platform available across all kinds of e-mail systems. “Both the developer community and IT departments can build new applications [on top of push e-mail] by taking advantage of what’s already there, and what’s gone on before us,” he said.

Lazaridis said that because they opened the APIs, other developers could connect e-mail to other company “data stores,” such as instant messaging and customer resource management.

“Wireless push e-mail became the platform to enable all the wireless data applications we’ve been dreaming about over the past two decades.”

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