Monthly Archive for April, 2007

BlackBerry Cool prepares to take over world, lose 10 lbs



In what can only be deemed as an act long overdue, BlackBerry Cool is currently undergoing a site redesign. While it will be mostly an aesthetic job (think HTML facelift), we also will be slowly rolling out new functionality that will blow your mind.

You should be seeing the fruits of our labor sometime before WES, and possibly rolled out incrementally throughout the week, with varying degrees of seamless integration. So if you notice anything that looks wonky or blows your mind, don’t worry, it’s supposed to be that way.

RIM developing Dragonball Z technology


fusionpoweractivate.jpgRIM is patenting a method of combining individual images into single files, like so many mystically empowered martial artists. Not unlike a fused Goku and Vegeta, the new product would be faster and more efficient than the sum of its parts. The conglomerate “stitched” image would have a smaller file size than its constituents, making for quicker transfers. It’s also good news for those of us racking up a hefty data bill.

BlackBerry Cool EIC embarrasses himself publicly



As promised, BlackBerry Cool Editor in Chief Douglas Soltys did what few recommend and most fear this past weekend: he opened his mouth in public. That’s right, Soltys graciously accepted an invitation to appear on episode 30 of the Mobile Computing Authority podcast, and somehow managed not to bring the whole show to a screeching halt.

You can listen to the podcast here, as the MCA crew talk BlackBerry 8830, the upcoming 9000 series, and RIM’s new Virtual BlackBerry Network. Pay special attention to how many times Soltys attacks RIM’s public relations failings.

Better GPS via SIM?



In the future, we won’t need BlackBerrys. We’ll all have tiny super-computers tethered to our arms, which we’ll allow us to perform amazing feats and possibly even fight anthropomorphized viruses, similar to mid-nineties tv show Reboot.

Until then, the tech boys have to work long and hard devising new ways to improve current technology. Behold BlueSky Positioning, who say they’ve developed a way to fit a GPS receiver and proprietary antenna inside a SIM card. This would enable network operators to launch location based services without either relying on network intensive cell-positioning, or requiring customers to upgrade to a GPS capable handset.

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BlackBerry to lead double life as lemon?


lemonberry.jpgOur American neighbours might be getting a bit of wriggle room when it comes to mobile plans. A “lemon law” that’s been going through the legal pipes would allow subscribers to ditch their carrier and their plan without financial penalty should their device develop a fault on three or more occasions, i.e. when the deal goes sour. The law is primarily geared towards providing some protection against shady cell phone dealers who provide sub-par service but still lock users into paying up.

Tragically, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting more than $2.50 for any future BlackBerry blackouts.

“A proposal which would have required a mobile phone operator to pay a consumer $25 for each day the handset is unavailable to the consumer or each day the consumer does not have full access to all of the contracted services was rejected.”

16GB Mobile Memory… Nice!



Samsung has announced they’ve developed a 16GB NAND flash memory chip for mobile devices. This little beauty is only 51 nanometers (nm) thin, and comes just eight months after Samsung announced production of its 60nm 8Gb NAND flash chip.

“In rolling out the densest NAND flash in the world, we are throwing open the gates to a much wider playing field for flash-driven consumer electronics,” said Jim Elliott, director, flash marketing, Samsung Semiconductor. “To minimize production costs and improve performance, we have applied the finest process technology a ‘half generation’ ahead of the industry, which is introducing 55nm and higher.”

This would be awesome to see in the next-gen of BlackBerrys. It would mean no more fiddling around with microSD chips and would make your BB of choice a true media player. Cool stuff!