Verizon shakes up voice/data pricing

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A topic that’s near and dear to most of our Canadian readers is the cost of data pricing and it’s ridiculousness. Well, looks like Verizon’s customers might be joining our choir thanks to the company’s recent raise in PDA data and voice bundle prices (thanks, Engadget). Looks like they’re not so unlimited anymore. According to the source, Verizon’s now limiting their “unlimited” plan to 5GB and only to Internet browsing, email, and intranet access. And there’s more.

We now have price increases for those Verizon PDA data and voice bundles. Check it: 450 minutes for $79.99 per month, 1,350 minutes for $109.99 and 4,000 minutes for $169.99 (all plans have “unlimited” data and night and weekend minutes).

Just in time for that new Cyclone to hit the shelves, right?

  • hell no
    and the verizon fat cats get fatter
  • Thought
    In all fairness to Verizon, which does tend to charge more than most carriers, this is not a price may be advertised in a different way, but not a price hike.

    As for the cap on their "unlimited" data: that again, is nothing new. That cap was already there, just as with all carriers. The only difference is that now VZW quantitizes that cap, rather than leaving it vaguely worded in the contract. In that sense, this is a move towards greater transparency, which is good.
  • Scott
    None of this is news. There is no new rate hike, and the not-so-unlimited is also not news, they've been cutting folks off who use too much bandwidth for some time.
  • BlackBarry
    I don't understand - where's the increase? I've been paying $39 for voice (450 min) and $45 for unlimited date for a year now.
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