ThoughtPiece: Will There Ever Be the Perfect BlackBerry?

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I am sure many of you thoughtful readers out there have in mind a good idea of what your “perfect” BlackBerry would be. Judging from the comments on this and other BlackBerry sites, I would say that for many the ideal BlackBerry would have 3G, WiFi, GPS, camera and multimedia player, just for starters.

But will there ever such a thing as the perfect BlackBerry? I think not, for the following reasons.

One, it is human nature to always want more. Once we get what we want, what we think will finally satisfy us, we then decide we really do want more. We get to know that “perfect” device, and discover some aspects we would improve upon. It’s like falling in love with someone; at first you think the person is perfect, but then discover the flaws and shortcomings.

Two, technology advances and so the goalposts move. What we want now is determined by the context of the current technology. So as technology evolves, our imagination is expanded and so is our desire. When the first BlackBerry hit the market, how many of us could have foreseen the current state of the technology? I remember when people thought the ultimate BlackBerry would be one that would just have a screen larger than a pager, then one with an integrated phone function, and then one with a color screen.

Three, RIM and the carriers never want us to have the “perfect” BlackBerry, for that would mean the end of the product cycle. Having the perfect device implies total satisfaction, and while vendors want to please their customers, they don’t want to have them ever be totally satisfied. Consider all of the different BlackBerry models recently or soon to be released; it seems that each one offers some of the features that many customers want, but none seem to offer them all. RIM is not alone in that all vendors structure their product releases to keep us coming back for more.

So the bad news is really the good news: There will never be a “perfect” BlackBerry, and we are better off for it. We will always have exciting new devices to look forward to, and we will always be able to have the discussion of what the “perfect” device would be.

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