Linux for mobile on a roll, Nokia joins the party


It seems like every week we have a new story about Linux gaining a stronger foothold in the mobile OS space. Quick to follow yesterday’s news from Palm, Cellular-News is reporting that Nokia has announced it will join the non-profit Linux Foundation (LF), reportedly to work with the LF on Linux-based technologies. Nokia has also released an SDK, which extends S60 to the open source and Linux communities.

The interesting news here is not that Nokia is abandoning their staunch support of Symbian (which they aren’t), but that they feel they must move into the Linux space to stay competitive.

“Based on what we have been told by our contacts in the industry, Nokia’s choice to further support Linux is representative of a shift to Linux as a whole,” commented IMS Research senior analyst Alison Bogle. “While Nokia has chosen Linux in the past, for example as the foundation of its Internet Tablets, this further backing of the platform is a defensive move, and a good one at that. Any company that is not currently making efforts to address Linux in the handset space will be behind the curve.”

As always, BBCool will keep you informed on all the latest Linux developments.

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