RIM’s stock drops 8% at market open

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It’s a snowy day here in Ottawa; not quite what the BBCool team was expecting when it awoke from its slumber to bring you the latest in BlackBerry news. I imagine that the market is feeling much the same way, awaking to news that RIM did not quite perform up to their high expectations, and that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has now opened a formal investigation into that whole stock options snafu.

Their surprise and concern has led to a stock hit for RIM, with shares down from 146.02 USD at market close yesterday to 134.91 USD at open this morning (Nasdaq: RIMM), a drop of 11 dollars or about 8% of their share price.

As always, we’ll keep up to date on any new developments and let you know if RIM rebounds or nose-dives.

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