RIM wants more application developers

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There’s an interesting little article up on Cellular-News about the steps handset makers are taking to attract new application developers. It cites RIM’s push into the consumer space as the reason for the need: essentially, the BlackBerry maker needs a wide variety of consumer-based applications to differentiate the BlackBerry Pearl or future devices from, say, the Samsung BlackJack.

“(RIM and its competitors) have to keep coming up with reasons for people to pay $300 or more for a phone,” said analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates.

The article points to 30 Second Software’s web-based app which allows BlackBerry users to browse and purchase items from a handful of high-end retailers like Godiva, as an example of extra content catered specifically to BlackBerry users.

“This group is more time sensitive than price sensitive,” said Dave Sikora, 30 Second’s chief executive. 30 Second Software chose to make an application with Research In Motion because retailers want to target the BlackBerry’s well-to-do users.

More than 550 third-party software developers are in RIM’s developer community, up from 240 a year earlier. We’ll be seeing a lot of these guys at WES, and hopefully we can bring you back the straight goods on which apps you’ll want to download for your BlackBerry this year.

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