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ThoughtPiece: Is May BlackBerry Month?


With all that’s happened to RIM and the foremost BlackBerry sites on the ‘net this week, maybe the claims from our Mad Genius of Mobile are a little premature. Still, Thought makes a convincing argument as to why May just may be BlackBerry month, and tells us what that has to do with Apple. Enjoy.

The month of May is many things for many people. For those in the television industry and their viewers, it is a “sweeps” month, one where networks pull out all the stops to boost their ratings to earn higher advertising rates. For many students of all ages, May marks the beginning of their summer break. For those of us who are BlackBerry enthusiasts, though, May is shaping up as what may be the most interesting and exciting month in a long time.

If the rumors are true, we may have new BlackBerry devices launched on at least 3 of the 4 major carriers in the U.S. market. We may get the new 8300 QWERTY device with camera launched on AT&T/Cingular, and the 8320 that adds WiFi on T-Mobile. Verizon fans won’t be left out of the fun, as the 8830 model seems destined for release in May or very shortly thereafter.

One Merrill Lynch analyst even predicted a CDMA version of the Pearl to launch on Verizon and Sprint on May 7. Personally, I tend to discount that rumor, as we have not had any of the usual leaks of images or documents hinting at that, as we usually would if the launch were so imminent. Perhaps the analyst confused the Pearl with the new 8830 “Cyclone” model? If the Verizon Pearl is launched this soon, I will credit RIM and Verizon for the doing their best job yet in containing any leaks.

Could this flurry of BlackBerry releases be a kind of preemptive strike before the launch of the Apple iPhone in June? I would imagine that RIM would want their new models out before the iPhone totally dominates the buzz in the cell phone market for at least the entire summer. Releasing these new devices in May will allow them to gain some attention and sales traction before the iPhone tidal wave hits. Plus, all of these new releases at once does create a kind of multiplier effect with regards to generating excitement for the product.

Regardless of the reasons, though, I do know this: the BlackBerry owns the month of May this year. So sit back and enjoy (along with the cliffhanger endings of Heroes, Lost and 24)!

(Don’t forget the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs, ed.)

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