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There’s several ways to get YouTube videos on your Blackberry. The basic idea is just to find a program that will download the videos from YouTube in flash format and then convert it into a format that can be viewed on your Blackberry like mpeg-4. It’s a bit of a process so today I’m going to show you how to use a website called to download and watch YouTube videos directly from your browser.

The idea behind is to provide access to mobile users to videos hosted on youtube, daily motion, and various other video sites. It is mainly catered towards typical cell phone with Blackberry users a bit of an afterthought, because the streaming feature doesn’t work and videos are formatted about a quarter the size of your Blackberry screen. Which isn’t that bad because it keeps file sizes down.

Instructions are below to view, download and save video files on supported Blackberry models.
(Note: I couldn’t grab screenshots of the video because the program provided by RIM doesn’t support screencapture of videos.)

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Search for the particular video you want. When the results popup you’ll see an option for Low (which downright sucks) and then High (which is decent). Don’t bother with streaming because I couldn’t get it to work.

3. After choosing your option you will be taken to a page that says something about waiting until your video is being process. It doesn’t take too long but you have to realize that this page doesn’t automatically refresh. So make sure to bring up the menu to refresh manually.

4. Click and download the video. You should make sure to have enough space on your device for it to download.

5. Save the video if you would like. I had an issue regarding this problem where my save files were not showing up in the Media program. I had to open Desktop Manager on my PC and use Media Manager to move the files to ringtones so that I can see them and play them at a later date.

And voila, it’s that easy.

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