2.(Oh no!): Check your status symbol at the door

Before my time in the BlackBerry community, I’ll admit, I would scoff at the players who would whip their devices out, slide them onto the bar, and wait for the cute bartender to notice. I thought that would change when I became part of the BlackBerry brotherhood, but you know what? It hasn’t.

Not to mention that my girlfriend is one of those cute bartenders and guys, I can tell you that they’re scoffing, too - you just don’t notice.

When did courting begin by showing your communications device? I remember when it used to start with awkward small-talk, not offering up your highscore in BrickBreaker. And really, who are you trying to impress with your 7520 when buddy down the bar from you is rocking the BlackBerry 8800? He can use GPS to make his way back to a lady’s house, you know.

But all of that nonsense is just that - ridiculousness. When did the BlackBerry fall away from the productivity tool it once was and into more of a status symbol than anything else? Do BlackBerry users really think that they’re better than the rest of society?

I can tell you that yes, some do. And it sucks for the rest of us. You’re giving us a bad name. I say “you” fully knowing that some of BBCool’s fit this mold, and I can only hope that my ranting helps. To those who understand why they’ve got a BlackBerry and use it for it’s intended purposes: kudos, my friends. But still take heed, because the dark side is pretty alluring.

Just because you’ve got the device doesn’t mean the rest of the world cares that you do, that’s the first thing you should take note of. Stop looking around to see if people are checking you out while you check your email. Do you do that while you’re at work? Glance suggestively at the hot secretary while you refresh your inbox? That sounds dirty, but you get the point. No one cares that you’re receiving email while downing your girly Martini.

And the theatrics! There seems to have been a script circulated to these BlackBerry-bawlers that I must’ve missed. Is it that big of a deal when you pull your BlackBerry out of your pocket? Just do it calm and smooth, don’t whip it out like a gun or some sort of God-like device. I’ve seen it happen. Not to mention the need to show-off the device once it’s out in the open. I’ve seen a BlackBerry before, dude, yours isn’t any different. You don’t need to give me the specs, I’ll go to the retailer for those if I really need them (he said in jest).

And what about the BlackBerry brotherhood? How do we view our own? Well, I’ll admit that I’ve jokingly mimicked the draws of the wild west after I’ve seen a fellow user take out his BlackBerry at the bar. He shows an 8700, I show an 8700 - a tip of the cap, and we’re both on our way to drinktown. But again, there’s guys out there that like to ruin the fun. Some of our own, even!

Just because you’ve got an 8800 doesn’t mean you’re any better than the next guy. If I’ve learned anything in my 20-something years, it’s that it’s not what you’ve got it’s how you use it (oh, go ahead and make your jokes). You’ll pull more respect in the long run if you’re using your BlackBerry as you should - to keep on top of work and to juggle the daily trials and tribulations that we call life.

It’s there to help, not hinder. And definitely not to put you in a new social ranking. Just a few things to keep in mind.

5 Responses to “2.(Oh no!): Check your status symbol at the door”

  1. 1 goneyukon

    i have my blackberry out at the bar, but it’s because my jacket is off and its normal home is my inside jacket pocket. if i’m in the middle of texting someone or waiting for an e-mail, the 8800 is sitting at the bar with me. it has nothing to do with me wanting to show it off (i’d actually rather avoid talking about it at the bar), but more that it’s convenient for me to see it and grab it when something happens.. rather than have it sitting in my jacket which i’m not wearing.

  2. 2 Jacky C.

    Awesome read! I’m guilty for all the sins you’ve mentioned above.

  3. 3 Paulbblc

    I actually talked to a guy about this about 2 weeks ago. He saw my 8700 on my hip and asked why I didn’t have it sitting on the bar showing it off (as he did).

    I basically told him, as you stated, what others are thinking when people flaunt their BB’s.

    He told me those people were just jealous. I walked away.

  4. 4 George

    Like it or not, the Blackberry is a status symbol. I sort of have the flip side to this story. I had a friend who was going in for an interview and wanted to borrow my Blackberry so she can look more of a ‘big shot’.

    I told her that’s funny as hell and my answer is no, because you can’t fake being a big shot. Unlike every reader on BBCool.

  5. 5 andreas

    Im surprised such discussion emerged. I am in the high-profile community where most use Nokia E90 (the top Management level) and Vertu phones (the BOD level).
    Im the rare BB’er. The ‘looking cool’ factor didnt come to mind, rather its convenience that attract me to get one.
    As a matter of fact, device does NOT matter to cute ladies. The way you spend your money DOES.
    Girls rather go with guys with OK device to his place with Audio Research sound system than with those with cool gadgets to their place with Sony sound system

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