RIM, Apple attacking different markets… unless they’re not

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It’s always interesting when financial analysts move out of their comfort zone (“Buy? Sell?”) and start predicting the future. In this case, Seeking Alpha’s Sramana Mitra jumps head-first into that oh so sexy topic of BlackBerry vs. iPhone, but maybe should have looked before she leaped.

Now, it’s one thing to say that the BlackBerry and iPhone cater to two different markets (in fact, this statement has a lot of support from people in the know). However, muddling transitioning your argument to then say that Apple’s consumer-friendly device is actually a laptop replacement that could become the uber-converged device enterprise users secretly want begs the question: is the iPhone a direct competitor to BlackBerry?

Of course, we recommend reading the article and formulating your own opinion, dear readers, but we can at least say that Dell probably won’t be buying RIM any time soon (ahem).

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