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Sprint takes BlackBerry 7520 out back, hasn’t been heard from since

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Not that we condone corporate espionage (publicly), but the leaked Sprint roadmap has pointed to the tragic passing of a respected member of the BlackBerry community, the beloved 7520. The GPS-enabled device is survived by his newborn grandson, the BlackBerry 8830. We encourage the patrons of the First Church of BBCool to step up to the dais and share their memories, good and bad, of their time with the 7520.

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Sprint PPC-6800 announced, targets laptop market

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Sprint today has announced the HTC TyTN PPC-6800, sporting some bells but not all the whistles. While the CDMA device rocks a 2.0 Mpx camera, microSD slot, and Wi-Fi support (let’s not forget push email, either), it also features the lowly Windows Mobile 5.0 OS and no REV A EV-DO. You can go here for full deets.

Interestingly, Sprint and HTC are marketing the 6800 under the banner “leave the laptop behind”. This isn’t the first mobile looking to squirm in on laptop turf, if you’re willing to believe our friends in the financial world. Look, I love my BlackBerry/PDA/Smartphone just as much as the next guy, but I’m not ditching my laptop anytime soon. Mobiles are handy for most situations, but having a 17” monitor and a full-sized keyboard is a way more amenable than squinting at a 2” screen and thumbing like a madman.

Sidekick iD unboxed, 16-year old girls a-twitter

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A quick and dirty follow-up to yesterday’s Hump Day Pr0n, we’ve got more nudie pics of a new gizmo out today – T-Mobile’s Sidekick iD. A meager hundred bucks after rebates, the iD is heavily geared towards a younger crowd who put price and instant messaging high on their priorities. Yahoo!, MSN and AOL messaging clients are all supported, along with changeable face-plates. After some poor financial performance, you can hardly blame T-Mobile for needing some quick sales from a budget phone. BGR’s mentioned some connection issues, mind you, but I guess you get what you pay for.

RIM had two-hour notice of blackout, shrugs helplessly

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RIMThere’s been some muttering that RIM knew about the blackout last week a solid two hours before it hit. A few folks reckon that BlackBerry users should have been able to get a heads up on the outage, but that might not be the case. Now, I’m no technician (they keep me around BBCool for my good looks and charm), but how easy do you guys think it is to determine that there’s nothing you can do in a case like that? If a doctor has two hours to save a patient’s life, would you rather he spend that time fighting a possibly avoidable death, or use it trying to figure out how to tell the family? There’s no doubt that behind RIM’s cool, tight-lipped PR façade was a gaggle of headless chickens trying figure out what the hell went wrong, and I’d way rather they do that than focus on spin-doctoring, trying to cover the company’s ass for the screw-up.

Of course, I’m not saying that a warning of some service interruptions wouldn’t have been appreciated. Even if it was just before the crash happened, anything would have stopped a lot of customers from harassing tech support about something AT&T et al. couldn’t fix. But outside of telling people what they would have figured out eventually anyway, how much difference would early warning have really made? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

8830: First Verizon, and now Sprint

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As announced earlier today, the CDMA providers now have a new device for their corporate users: The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition.

A BlackBerry 8800 site has opened up and now has a new section, appropriately titled the 8830 section:

For those of you who want web browsing goodness straight from your carrier of choice, we have a handful of links for you.

Here’s the Verizon link:

Here’s the Sprint link:

Thanks to Mike for the tip!

OS updates make browsing better

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For all of their strengths, if there’s one thing BlackBerrys justifiably get criticized for, it’s poor web browsing. So when good friend Craig Johnston from the Mobile Computing Authority tipped us off to some web browsing improvements offered in OS 4.2, we were surprised that RIM didn’t make more noise about it.

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