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Review: Proporta Advanced Screen Protector


So, a few weeks ago, I bumped into the corner of a wall while walking and doing some BlackBerry business at the same time. We all do it. Don’t judge me. Scraped the ol’ 8700 against a wall, resulting in some unsightly surface damage. More importantly, it was pretty close to the screen proper, which got me pretty nervous about inflicting lasting damage to the device. No, I will NOT be more responsible and start looking where I’m walking.

Luckily, Proporta had dropped me a line the day before telling my about some new screen protectors they were carrying. Working my wiles, I managed to get them to ship me one of their Advanced Screen Protectors. Sage, you sly fox, you.

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Boy Genius brings news on Q9h, i620


On an icky Thursday in Ottawa, there’s really nothing that can brighten up your day like screens of new devices from the Boy Genius. BG’s got his bling’d out hands on the new Motorola Q9h and Samsung’s i620 (think BlackJack 2) and delivers his usual brand of impressions. While he digs the new keypad on the Q9h, he laments Samsung’s decision to keep the BlackJack’s terrible design. However, it seems as though the i620 is packing Wi-Fi, HSDPA, and a front facing VGA camera (2 Mpx cam on the back) to compensate.

Not bad at all, but also not really anything to make us forget about the BlackBerry Curve. Thoughts, people?

Sprint building up WiMax, PTT


SprintSo long as we’re talking about WiMax, Sprint is going to be ramping up their WiMax network in the near future, Chief Financial Officer Paul Saleh claiming ten times cost performance, which means they can build and maintain the network for hella cheap. Bottom line? Lower data rates for us end-users, or at least those of us rolling with Sprint. Also coming through the tubes is push to talk on Sprint. The carrier wasn’t doing so hot earlier, but between PTT, unlimited data and WiMax, Sprint’s definitely still in the game.

Analyst on Palm’s Foleo: “Worst. Product. EVER.”


I was refraining from giving Palm’s recently-released Foleo even the slightest nod of recognition, but after hearing Todd Kort of Gartner research say “This is the most disappointing product I’ve seen in years”, you can’t help but laugh. The Foleo is Palm’s newest launch, which piggybacks on the Treo to offer mock-laptop document management and web viewing. Seriously, Palm, if people are going to lug around a full screen and keyboard, they might as well just have their computer and save themselves the hassle of handling two devices.

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82 million converged mobile devices by 2011


Man, it sounds like they’re taking over the planet à la black and white 50s sci-fi movie. A recent report from IDC is telling us to look at huge growth in hybrid device usage among corporate customers all over the globe.

According to IDC’s latest mobile enterprise device usage forecast, worldwide shipments of corporate-liable mobile devices will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54% to reach more than 82 million units shipped in 2011.

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BBCool Twitter update


Thanks to the miracle of Twitterfeed, BlackBerry Cool’s RSS feed now results in Twitter updates! We set up the service initially for WES, but figured it would be worth sticking with. For those not in the know, Twitter is a lightweight, web and mobile-based update service. Add your friends and get short, periodic messages about what they’re up to.

Also in the works is some MyBlogLog support once the new set-up has steadied, which will allow you to see who else is reading BBCool, and what other blogs they’re into. Tack onto that our recently-made Facebook group which is rapidly closing in on the hundred member mark after one short week, we’ve got a whole lot of metablog action going down. If you’ve got any ideas for other networks that BlackBerry Cool should be a part of, feel free to shoot me a line (simon at blackberrycool).