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“RogersDude69″ just hit us with another email about Roger’s BlackBerry 8300, this time detailing something the BBCool office is very much interested in: its improved camera.

Ok, so here’s the deal with the Curve’s camera. First of all, like the rest of the 8300 Media Player, it has received a significant visual upgrade. Beyond looks, it also offers some functionality improvements as well: loading up a thumbnail list of all the images in your picture directory is much faster now, and when you take a photo, all the menu symbols now feature a pop-up dialogue box telling you exactly what they do when you select them.

As for the camera itself, it’s much better than the Pearls; the jump from 1.3 Mpx to 2.0 Mpx is a big difference. It’s hard to notice the resolution increase from the images I sent (I’m still trying to figure out the best settings/approach to taking good pics), but the improved colour quality is obvious. The 8300’s images don’t look as washed-out as the Pearl’s, and feature stronger contrast.

Editer’s Note: The 8300’s photos are the top images.

As for some other random things I figured out… The max image size you can take is 1600×1200 (The Pearl’s max is 1280×1024), you can take pictures at Normal, Fine and Superfine levels, and you can add colour effects to your photos like Sepia (the Pearl can’t do this).

  • Kory
    I see that im posting on year old forums but im not big on forums so I dont usually post on any. I recently got a new 8330 and am very satisfied with the upgrade from my old lg 86. Anyway I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what the directory of a file is on the bb curve?
    Whenever you Explore the files or even normally viewing them, if you check the properties of a file it only shows /Media Card/pix/filename.jpg. It doesnt actually show the entire directory. Is there anyway of getting this information?
  • Mr Blackberry
    Video SOftware is coming out for the 8300 Curve Blackberry. We found it and you can to from our website www.BlackberryData.com or www.Ablackberry.com, the link is embedded. thanks.
  • Alan A. Reiter
    I've had an 8300 for a few days and I've posted a couple of dozen photos. Frankly, I'm disappointed by the quality. I'll be posting many more images, probably this week.


    Perhaps I'm spoiled by the photos produced by the 3.2 megapixel Nokia N93 and five megapixel N95, for which I've also established moblogs.


  • kiddwnst
    kid robot dunny's azteca series!
  • Yeah, still no video recording, which is a bummer. But at least you'll actually want to pull this thing out and snap a picture. Which is something the BBCool staff was ashamed to do with their Pearls.
  • James
    ...so still no video recording, right?
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