PowerPoint minus the laptop

Impatica won the CTIA Most Innovative Wireless Device award before WES this year for their portable presentation solution, and has partnered up with DynoPlex for some data handling. The Showmate hooks up to a projector and receives the presentation from your BlackBerry, which you can use for presentation notes and as a slide changer. If you’ve got the BES hook-up offered by DynoPlex, then you can view the full presentation on your device beforehand. If only BBs had laser pointers built-in, eh?

“PowerPoint presentations stored on the DynoPlex Online File Storage service are automatically impaticized (XTREME MARKETING! – ed.) or converted into Impatica’s compact format and downloaded over-the-air to BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq:RIMM; TSX: RIM). Once on the handheld, the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed in full fidelity on the BlackBerry handset or projected using Impatica ShowMate.”

The Showmate will run you $249.99, for any of you spiffy PowerPoint salespeople out there.

6 Responses to “PowerPoint minus the laptop”

  1. 1 Opus2

    “Impacta won the CTIA Most Innovative Wireless Device award ….”

    It’s Impatica, not Impacta.

    And Most Innovative shouldn’t be confused with most cost-effective. $250 for an add-on powerpoint widget? Dude, I didn’t pay that much for my 8700!

    What’s this company going to do when RIM supports powerpoint in the OS? (only a matter of time, I figure). Remember Fulcrum? Of course you don’t. They developed and sold full-text search engines, till Microsoft included the same capability for free in Windows.

    Things that make you go hmmmmm……

  2. 2 Blackberry Cool

    Correction’s made, thanks for spotting that. As for the pricetag, I wouldn’t pay that much either, but if I had a company willing to get it for me…

  3. 3 goneyukon

    ok, to clear up confusion…

    the coolness of impatica showmate is the actual box that you attach to the projector. the software itself for viewing PPT on the device isn’t that great. i believe the $249 price tag is for the hardware mostly.

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