France gets BlackBerry Curve

Following up quick behind Germany’s release of the 8300 is France, announcing the release of the Curve for €169 on Bouygues Telecom’s EDGE network. Being in the midst of French Canada, BBCool salutes their franco bros abroad. Notice they have AZERTY keypads instead of QWERTY. Zany, no?

One reader, Chris, has dropped us a line and mentioned that this release is only for business, and even then, Bouygues has a pretty bad reputation for service among the French crowd. Any Orange subscribers are still, for the moment, out of luck. Good thing Germany’s close by, eh? Anyone else behind the border able to report on the release? Be sure to shoot an e-mail to info at blackberrycool. if you good readers hear about any other international releases (Curve or otherwise) in the near future.

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