Smartphone shipments to exceed 100 million in 2007


Thumbs UpThose crazy katz and kittens over at Berg Insight are reporting new research that indicates global shipments of “advanced OS” smartphones will reach 113 million units in 2007. BI also expects worldwide shipments to reach 365 million units by 2012 (22% of the total market), an average compound growth of 25.6%.

Numbers like this can be a little misleading, however. Shipping a bucket-load of devices is great, but how many of these suckers actually get sold and how many Windows Mobile devices rot on the shelves?

You know the drill: more deets magically appear after the “more” link.

Berg Insight estimates that Symbian OS was the leading smartphone operating system in 2006 with a market share of 63 percent. Linux was the second largest platform, followed by Windows Mobile. BI also lamented the death of the Palm OS, which has virtually disappeared from the market, and will be replaced by a Linux successor.

“Nokia’s commitment to Symbian OS as the core of the S60 platform is the key to its success”, said Andre Malm, telecom analyst, Berg Insight. “In the future there will however be increasingly strong competition from Linux for consumer devices and Windows Mobile in the enterprise segment.”

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