ThoughtPeice: Email: Still the Killer App!

More than a few times someone has remarked to me something along the lines of: “what’s the big deal about the BlackBerry…all it does well is email.” To which I reply: “well, yeah…and all Peyton Manning does well is throw the football.” (For those of you more culturally inclined, I’ll say “well, yeah…and all Rembrandt did well was paint.”)

Email is easily the most widely used application of the Internet, even more so than the World Wide Web with all of the cool sites like this one. In fact, email is probably the most important advance in person to person communication since the advent of the telephone. So a device that does portable email well is a pretty significant achievement, much like a portable phone. In retrospect, it seems like genius for RIM to have realized the market opportunity that existed and to have so successfully exploited it.

With all of the recent attention showered on the more exciting multimedia features it’s easy to take the email application for granted. Yet email remains a killer app in the mobile world, and one that establishes the BlackBerry as an entrenched competitor for years to come, no matter what the efforts of Microsoft and Apple.

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