New AT&T CEO: “You want the iPhone? You want the iPhone? You can’t handle the iPhone!”

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That may be an exaggeration. Randall Stephenson, current COO and heir-apparent to the throne of AT&T, actually said:

“I don’t know what your expectations are for the iPhone, but they’re probably too low,” he said during the Lehman Brothers analyst conference Wednesday.

I’ll admit it, my expectations of the iPhone are pretty low, but when he goes on to say that it will be a “game changer” for their wireless arm, it can’t really be denied that sales are going to be good for this thing. Forecasts have been good, and c’mon - it’s Apple. They’re an established brand that’s built a lot of hype around its product, and AT&T is totally going to be cashing in on its three months of exclusivity.

  • d_fisher
    I love how the cellular carriers pimp everyone else’s products but never the BlackBerry. It always seems like a new BlackBerry release is of no importance to the carriers.

    Why is this? Is the BlackBerry market too small and not planned to reach enough end-users to warrant advertising? Does RIM have to pay for additional carrier "coverage" and doesn't?

    The BlackBerry devices (or their functionality) are really starting to cross into mainstream society. With just a little advertising I think the BlackBerry market would explode. I wonder how many extra Pearl units would been sold if it got as much advertising as the Q.
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