Analyst on Palm’s Foleo: “Worst. Product. EVER.”

I was refraining from giving Palm’s recently-released Foleo even the slightest nod of recognition, but after hearing Todd Kort of Gartner research say “This is the most disappointing product I’ve seen in years”, you can’t help but laugh. The Foleo is Palm’s newest launch, which piggybacks on the Treo to offer mock-laptop document management and web viewing. Seriously, Palm, if people are going to lug around a full screen and keyboard, they might as well just have their computer and save themselves the hassle of handling two devices.

As is, the Foleo will work with Windows Mobile devices, but there’s some talk about future compatibility with BlackBerry. If that were to happen, who here is willing to pay $499 for a portable monitor and keyboard that syncs up to your device? Let’s say it was even super-light, ultra-skinny, and booted up instantly. Even then, do users actually need a 10″ screen and full QWERTY keyboard on the go that badly, and if so, is your laptop that much less of an appealing option? I’m really curious to see the dimension specs on this thing, because if it’s microscopically thin and the price gets knocked down a few hundred bucks, then I could maybe see it selling. One thing’s for sure, the long-term hype was vastly unjustified.

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