Sprint building up WiMax, PTT

SprintSo long as we’re talking about WiMax, Sprint is going to be ramping up their WiMax network in the near future, Chief Financial Officer Paul Saleh claiming ten times cost performance, which means they can build and maintain the network for hella cheap. Bottom line? Lower data rates for us end-users, or at least those of us rolling with Sprint. Also coming through the tubes is push to talk on Sprint. The carrier wasn’t doing so hot earlier, but between PTT, unlimited data and WiMax, Sprint’s definitely still in the game.

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BlackBerry Cool » Wi-Fi to be 20% of total chipset market by 2009
June 5th, 2007 at 3:27 pm

[...] Our keen investigation of Wi-Fi’s growth in wireless industry continues today, with news from In-Stat stating that the global Wi-Fi chipset market is coming along nicely due partially to dual-mode handset growth. Although dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets represented only 3% of total shipments in 2006, In-Stat indicates they will reach 20% of the total chipset market by 2009. Not a bad slice of the pie, by any means. “Dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets are pushing hard into the market in 2007, with handset vendors Nokia and HTC really leveraging Wi-Fi as an alternative high-speed broadband connectivity option,” says Gemma Tedesco, In-Stat analyst. “Wi-Fi for voice is expected to pick up this year, with T-Mobile’s nationwide FMC roll-out in the US.” [...]

Vodafone joins WiMAX Forum | BlackBerry Cool
August 10th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

[...] papers not too long ago were calling for growth in mobile WiMAX, and between Sprint’s involvement in WiMAX and Vodafone’s recent membership in the WiMAX forum, it’s hard to argue. We’re [...]

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