BlackBerry Cool’s “Best of WES 2007″ Photos

As the dust settles from what could be the best Wireless Enterprise Symposium of all time, the BlackBerry Cool staff thought it would be a good time to take stock of the week that was, and relive the memories in lovely photo form. Here’s the best photos from our WES 2007 Flickr page, with comments.

The lonliest booth at the show. Manned by a twitchy dude who flicked his 8800’s track ball back and forth in a sad attempt to make it seem like he had something to do. Oh BlackBerry Connect, we barely knew ye.

If there’s one thing Bplay’s WPT Poker Tourney should be remembered for, it’s the lovely ladies that made sure the whole thing went off without a hitch. Bplay rocks!

Fun fact: Balsillie and Gladwell were roommates in college. The original odd couple, or the inspiration for Animal House?

Scratch that, these guys ARE Animal House. Ottawa developers know how to toga, I’m told.

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