How to track by GPS without being a stalker


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The idea of GPS tracking might just be a little too creepy for some folks, but in Doug’s interview with Patrick Rousseau, from BlackLine GPS, one comment fundamentally sold me on the idea: “The number one call between two phones is ‘Where are you?’ “ Having the ability to seamlessly undercut the need to nag (and be nagged) is priceless. BlackLine will be offering a service where you voluntarily allow yourself to be tracked by verified friends via GPS. Some of us want to be stalked, but only by certain people.

BlackLine started out with a puck called GPS-Snitch, but is coming out with software that works with the 8800. BlackBerry was chosen over other GPS-enabled devices because RIM did such a good job of keeping a clean signal unfettered by all the other internal noise. The ongoing consensus is that GPS is the next big thing for BlackBerrys, and Patrick goes so far to say that it will become as standard a feature as cameras.

The product could be pigeonholed as an office utility (like if you want to check if Jerry in accounting is goofing off at the golf course) but the consumer possibilities are exciting too. Want to know how much longer you have to stick around a sketchy club until your buddy arrives? Check how close they are on GPS. Family driving in from out of town? GPS. Lost your kid at Disney Land? GPS. You get the picture. We can only hope some wonderous new consumer device will carry GPS. BlackLine will be announcing Snitch-tracking software on June 1 for all BlackBerrys running the 4.2 OS. You can bet it won’t be long before the technology which tracks 8800s rolls in.

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  1. 1 Bob Schmitt

    Where is the device located after installed in the vehicle?

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