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Bell announces TeleNav for BlackBerry 8830, can users afford it?


GPS NavOne thing that slipped by with Bell’s announcement of the BlackBerry 8830 (which sold out on day one here in Ottawa), was a built-in GPS Nav software offered by Bell for $10/month. The biggest hurdle to either of these is data rate issues. Ever tried to use Google Maps on anything less than unlimited data? It’s not a pretty phone bill. TeleNav’s press release for Bell’s rebranded software even says “Ongoing subscription to the service costs $9.99 per month, plus a data plan for unlimited usage”, which Bell doesn’t even offer (they top out at 250 MB, with $3 for each additional MB, and that’s not even counting voice). While Bell will generously be offering unlimited data on EVDO for early adopters on the BlackBerry 8830, after that, users are back to square one.

If location-based services are going to have any hope of flying up north, developers are going to have to get a much more data-efficient system in place, because carrier rates up here aren’t showing any signs of letting up. BBCool will be testing out TeleNav’s release on Bell sometime in the near future, and we’ll give you the straight story on handheld GPS in Canada - namely whether or not the costs justify the service.

Weekly Contest: Looking to Q2


Question markWith Palm all but dead and nary a care for the iPhone, yesterday’s webcast portents an optimistic future for RIM. If you don’t have time to check out the whole thing, take a look at the Coles notes version. The Pearl 2 is solidified in investors minds, but the big moves aren’t coming until the Fall by the sounds of things. So, dear BBCool readers, we ask: based on yesterday’s information on Q1, how is the rest of the summer shaping up to be for RIM? The most telling thing Jim Dog’s told us on the subject is “The summer is when we go double-speed while everyone else is resting. You’re gonna see some very unexpected surprises from us. A lot of stuff for media, consumers and devices. I won’t tip our hat, but a couple that people don’t see coming.” Whatever could he be talking about?

To celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day, BlackBerry Cool will be giving out Canadian and American themes from Bplay to next week’s winners. And since the iPhone release has attained just about as much popularity, we’ll throw the iBerry theme in there too.

Last week’s winner is troy, for succinctly identifying consumer’s expanding expectations and a likely market outcome for the iPhone. We’ll be e-mailing you about your choice of 3 ringtones from Bplay shortly. Thanks to all of our participants last week, everyone had some great angles on the iPhone issue. Hope to see you all again this week!

RIM stock flirts with the $200-mark


CashmoneyYesterday was a good day for RIM investors, between solid Q1 results, positive outlook and a 3-1 stock split. That being said, RIM did pretty damned well overnight, jumping from a $165.59 close to $196.00 this morning. At time of posting, RIMM is floating around $194.90. Busting $200 would be one hell of a milestone to hit on iPhone launch day, and with plenty of investors putting target prices in the $225 range, it seems more than likely to happen. AAPL‘s at $122.32, with some undoubtedly interesting changes happening over the weekend.

Next-gen Curve pics leaked, we were right


BlackBerry 8320Between today’s iPhone release à la Second Coming and a predictably stellar Q1 performance review by RIM, finding fresh news this morning has been tough. With some diligent forum lurking though, we’ve got a juicy tidbit from Pinstack’s hayden. Word has it a Wi-Fi capable BlackBerry 8320 will be hitting the streets in September on T-Mobile and packing a 3.2 megapixel camera akin to the rumored Pearl 2‘s.

Main features include…

RIM Conference Call: Live Blog


BalsillieAfter the numbers released by RIM today, BBCool is hyped for the RIM investors conference call. On the line today we have Jim Balsillie, RIM’s Co-CEO and Edel Ebbs, VP of Investor Relations. It’s about to start now, hold on folks!

5:03 - Looks like they’re doing call prep — outlining the focus of the conference call, and laying out all the legal mumbo jumbo to cover their ass. Enough with this, bring on the Jim Dog!

5:05 – Nice, Balsillie! Jim Dog’s mentioning the stock split and the successful launch of the Curve, 8800 and 8830. Jim’s also expecting RIM to ship their 20M BB this summer. These are pretty huge numbers for our plucky little company from Waterloo.

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RIM announces 3 for 1 stock split


Research In MotionBig news for RIM shareholders: on top of their impressive Q1 results, RIM has announced today that their Board of Directors have approved a 3-for-1 stock split of the company’s outstanding common shares. The 3-for-1 stock split will be implemented by way of a stock dividend whereby shareholders will receive two common shares of the company for each common share held. The stock dividend will be payable on August 20, 2007 to common shareholders of record at the close of business on August 17, 2007.

RIM is ascribing essentially no monetary value to the stock dividend. Accordingly, there will be no tax payable by Canadian or U.S. shareholders as a result of the dividend. RIM’s common shares are expected to begin trading on a post-stock dividend basis on the Toronto Stock Exchange on August 15, 2007 and on Nasdaq on August 21, 2007. For more information about the split, head over to: