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The Curve is out, and the masses elated. There remains one subtle little conflict beneath it all, though. AT&T still has a vice-grip on the BlackBerry 8300 for the next 90 days, and plenty of Americans are on other carriers. With the iPhone around the corner, you’ll be seeing even longer carrier exclusivity. While this may all seem standard practice, is it good standard practice? When the bulk of sales tie customers down for two years, the system isn’t a short-term, limited monopoly either. So, BBCoolers far and wide, this week we ask: is a shiny new device enough to get you to jump ship from one carrier to another? Does hardware trump service, or is it worth the wait? Do you hold any loyalty to your carrier, or is all fair in love and the wireless industry?

We’ve got two weeks worth of winners to announce! Everyone who told us what was going on with last week’s Curve release will get a free game from Magmic, so shoot us an e-mail at info at blackberrycool. Back to Blacklash, our winner is Kyle S., who weighed in a broad variety of the costs of the BlackBerry lifestyle, and put the impetus on end-users to adapt to the technology we ask for. Kyle, contact us at your leisure to get your copy of Curse and Bass Assassin 2. Winners this week will get Magmic’s recently-release Deer Hunter 2. Just imagine you’re hunting a Curve.

5 Responses to “Weekly Contest - Jumping Ship”

  1. 1 Packetrat

    Jumping ship? I think yes it is worth it and if I could I would jump ship. The issue remains that some of us are in locations where its not possible. I for instance live in a town where your only choice is at&t. There is no T-mobile or sprint.

  2. 2 JJ

    Even with an exclusivity right, I wish companies like T-Mobile would be smart enough to announce plans of phones in the future to assuage their customers and prevent such losses as those “jumping ship.” I also feel as though T-Mobile customers in general should feel slighted by the fact that AT&T is grabbing up all these exclusives on the hottest phones. They deserve to lose more customers to other carriers if those cariers consistantly outperform and please their customers. There’s more to this than just stellar customer service…especially when the services you’re getting are for sub-par phones and months too late.

  3. 3 Jeff

    I feel that jumping ship is not worth having poor service for 2 years to have a new device for 90 days. In addition the new device will still be new in 90 days because the last time I checked rim doea not release a new device in less time than 90 days apart. Tmobiles plans allow one to update a phone as often as they want with only a extention up to 2 years whereas verizon adds the two years to the end of you exist deal. Stick with the plan not the phone.

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