Breaking News: Nokia to buy RIM, Apple, Motorola, and Saskatchewan

Oh wait, they’re not. Sorry for the acerbic title, folks, but we’re a little down on the whole rumor-mill scene today (more on this later). While our friends over at the Boy Genius Report are just doing their due blogging diligence, and while the rumor is coming from fairly reputable source, we’re putting special attention into quashing this rumor.

Companies of this size rarely buy each other. Companies of this size are also rarely bought out when they’re succeeding financially; buyouts are usually only reserved for companies mired in failure. Does RIM really have anything to gain by being bought out by a competitor? Wishing doesn’t make it so, people.

While it’s most likely the keen desires of people on the Net (and the Nasdaq) to see something big happen, I almost feel as though the reason this rumor persists is because people keep reporting them. I’m sure that the quote that originated this post came from something he had read on the BGR or BBCool months ago. It’s just the same damn rumor, making an appearance every couple of months.

So don’t believe the hype, BlackBerry faithful. We’ll try harder at BlackBerry Cool to make sure this kind of stuff stays in the back alleys of the Internet where it belongs.

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