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You never really think of BlackBerry as a printing platform, but apparently it was, once upon a time. At a recent conference in New York, Sharon Jones, an HP VP, gave hope for a revival in the software.

“We were a little bit ahead of the market but we feel that it may be time to dust that off and bring it back.” John Johansky, vice president of technology solutions and partner organisations at HP, added: “It is a good point, at least in terms of how we are working and the balance of time, resources and priorities. Mobility is an important component.”

Ever since using DailyLit to read books, I’ve been getting the eerie sensation that paper’s becoming obsolete. But then I look at my desk, and realize I’m full of crap.

  • Ex Back
    A new service from HP lets BlackBerry users print to the nearest connected ... Join Eaton's PowerAdvantage program.
  • alfredjr18
    Among the number of personal digital assistants or PDAs available in the market today, the BlackBerry is probably one of the most nifty to have. The BlackBerry stands out among smartphones in that it was really developed to function as a business phone for business purposes. It does not have unnecessary frills, and it works just the way it is expected to work.

    Read more: http://www.myofficeportal.org/how-to-print-usin...
  • PDADoc

    I checked out that BlueTxT software just now, but I found it to be too unwieldy and wouldn't allow for printing from most apps reasonably enough. At 9.95, however, it IS coming in at the right price point I think is reasonable.

    I had also tried Cortado Basic Print, which is a lot easier to use and prints better, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay them $40 for software that doesn't even allow me to print to networked printers! Even then, I'm on the fence as to whether that price point is reasonable.

    With all due respect, some of the app these developers put out are nowhere near worth the prices they charge for them. I'm all for paying for my software, but sometimes I think some of them try and take advantage.

    Guess I'll wait and see what happens with this upcoming HP printing software.
  • firearm software
    Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.
  • tony
    HP printing is available now for Blackberry devices.

    Have you looked at: http://www.mymobilegear.com/BlueTxT.php

    PCL Compatible printers: HP Photosmart 2710, HP H470.

    ESC/POS Compatible printers: Custom S’Print, Seiko MPU-L465 palm printer, Citizen PD-22, Citizen PD-24, Citizen CMP10, IPC DPP-250, IPC DPP350, Fujitsu FTP-628WSL110.
  • Vispi Shroff
    Hi Glenn

    Have you looked at http://www.lifecyclemobility.com/blackberry-pri...

  • Glenn Harmon
    All I won't to do is
    Print info that is on my BlackBerry to
    My HP printer.Hard to find software that will put the print command on my BB.
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