Weekly Contest: Thumbwalking?

After admitting my own idiocy last week for walking around while using a BlackBerry, it occurred to me that we need some kind of snappy catch-phrase for it, like the BlackBerry prayer, BlackBerry shuffle, or the BlackBerry zombie. Let’s get those creative juices flowing, lads, because the one who can nail the phrase that fits will get a copy of Magmic’s brand new, critically acclaimed Miner 2049er. I’m still chewing through the game myself, and it’s pretty sweet. Review to come this afternoon.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER is Jeff, for taking the long view that the iPhone is still going to be around and new in 90 days. Jeff will be winning Magmic’s Deer Hunter 2, appropriately enough, since like the patient hunter, he will strike his prey only when the moment is right. … Man, ninjas who hunted deer would be awesome.

10 Responses to “Weekly Contest: Thumbwalking?”

  1. 1 Magmic Webgeek

    Not sure If i qualify for the the prize, but here goes:

    How about being BlackBleary?

    As in ‘I was totaly BlackBleary, and walked right into a cop! Beat my high score in KaGlom though’

    Or how about to ‘RIMbulate’ (a cross between RIM and ambulate)
    Definition: ‘to walk from place to place while using a RIM device’

    If I do win, you can donate my prize to an orphanage or something.

  2. 2 George kazaklis

    How about thumblin?

  3. 3 nelaina


  4. 4 Garrido

    -I was walking “BERRYBlindly” into people.

    -people start acting “BERRYfied” when they get on their handhelds.

    -i was in “BLACK mode”
    While waiting in line.

    -my BlackBerry turns me into a “BlankBERRY”

    D/k if me entering this many is cheating. Oh well… =P

  5. 5 Damon

    I think BlackBerry Strut is the term.

  6. 6 Scott

    RIMBot: A Person who becomes oblivious to their surroundings as they try to use their Blackberry device while carrying out normal daily activities such as walking, talking or driving.

  7. 7 DP

    i’ve been trying to enter this contest but it won’t let me comment…trying again:

    Here are a few:


    “Phoning Out”

    “Blackberry Zone”


  8. 8 Peter

    I was scrollin’ down the street….

  9. 9 noahsam

    those poor souls shambling about, stooped over with their heads down, oblivious to all around them… these people are undoubtedly:


  10. 10 Kyle S.


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