Rogers unveils BlackBerry 8300 … without telling ANYONE

Okay, seriously, what what the hell? I swing by the Rogers dealer on the way home tonight to see what’s going on with the Curve, and you know what? It’s been out since Tuesday. Rogers is asking $349.99 for the BlackBerry 8300 with a 3-year term, $449.99 with a 2-year term and $499.99 with a 1-year term.

Have you guys ever heard of a press release? How about just spreading some word of mouth, or putting up a messy cardboard sign in front of your store saying “CURVE ON TUESDAY” or something. Anything. Seriously. God. This isn’t some dumb little red Pearl, either, this is something people were looking forward to, and were willing to get in line for the second it came out. And yet, someone at Rogers seemed to think that keeping customers uninformed and unexcited was a really great idea to get sales.

I realize you guys can coast on extortionate data rates, and so aren’t in a hurry to sell any actual devices, but c’mon. It’s some people’s jobs to cover this stuff and you’re making it very difficult to figure out what exactly is going on. I might get the odd leak suggesting a thing or two, but that really doesn’t replace some gold old-fashioned corporate announcements, y’know? God.

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