BlackBerry sales picking up in Ireland

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Thanks to the Pearl, O2’s BlackBerry sales in Ireland are reaching unprecedented levels.

“We’re now doing the same volume on a month-to-month basis that it took us to do in the first two years of selling BlackBerry products,” said Billy D’Arcy, O2’s head of business sales and services.

D’Arcy goes over some key points that explain the recent explosion, and why sales haven’t been better over the six years that O2 has been carrying BlackBerry devices. For one, he says that it takes time for the technology to work into the roots of the business community as a viable solution. It takes a lot of convincing to get a company to adopt a single device as the wide-spanning standard.

Second, the way that the Pearl has softened the business edge off BlackBerry has had tremendous effect on the perceptions of the brand. Surely the Curve’s release there last Wednesday will do well to further emphasize that level of appeal. Thirdly, changes in labour paradigms have made working from home more acceptable than it once was. Instead of being seen as invasive, BlackBerrys are letting folks telecommute.

“The number of business people enabled to work from home at least one day a month has almost doubled since two years ago when we first carried out the survey. And those working more than four days from home has trebled,” says D’Arcy.

As for 3G, maybe it will be awhile before it becomes something huge for BlackBerry.

D’Arcy downplays the significance of HSDPA, pointing out that the existing networks are adequate for most business users. “We have customers using 3G today that more than meets their requirements. If you are just going on the internet, for example, you don’t actually need faster speeds. HSDPA is about future-proofing customer requirements.”

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