Wireless recharger available July 7


This is just plain cool. In a nutshell, you just put the thingie on the thingie and it charges. Thingie A can be anything ranging from your MP3 player, to your BlackBerry, to your laptop, while thingie B is the WildCharger, a flat pad resembling a tablet. Slashpower has been showing tech demos alongside WildCharge for awhile now, but WildCharge seems like they’ll be the first with a shipped product. No word on pricing yet.

4 Responses to “Wireless recharger available July 7”

  1. 1 pablo

    this is cool but if I have to put my laptop on the pad, why not just plug it in???

    still pretty damn cool though…

  2. 2 SotoSan

    I think this innovation is great considering we are in the age of technoogy. The concept is awesome and wireless is so practical since you do not have to deal with different adapters or wires.

  3. 3 5rawminutes

    At first glance, this just looks cool but doesn’t seem functional. That all changes when you take a look around and realize every outlet in the house being used for something and you and your girlfriend want to charge up your blackberry’s and ipods. This device is great, if its priced right I would get one immediately. Too bad I have a Curve 8320, hopefully Slashpower will come up with some thing for the Curve owners.

  1. 1 Wireless charger coming this quarter | BlackBerry Cool

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