UAE carrier offers low-fat BlackBerry

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UAE flagEtisalat, the big wireless carrier in the UAE, unveiled some services for BlackBerry yesterday, including a new plan for for light users. This tiny 3 MB data package will be available for 130 AED (around $US35). Besides that, Etisalat is releasing the BlackBerry 8800, and opening some new branches across the UAE. I dunno, 35 bucks sounds like a lot for 3 megs of data transfer. I guess if you’re the only show in town, you can kind of charge whatever you want.

  • suresh
    i would like to buy back berry 8800 or 8830
    please call 0506988109
    well. even though Monopoly no longer play in Etisalat's favor they still manage to sort of (charge whatever they want).
    Du "Etisalat's only compatitor in UAE" still have a long way before hitting the stage of (who sets the rules) and effectively influance Etisalat's decesion on pricing.

    i just wonder when would that be?
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